Master Grade Unicorn and Banshee Part 3


The past week have not been as hectic as most weeks and spending a few minutes each day after work, I am able to put together most of the armaments of the FA unicorn. Here is the next segment of the WIP of the unicorn Gundam. For those that do not know, the Banshee is already completed but the unicorn is not due to the huge amount of weapons and accessories available to it. This is the most heavily armed gundam imo… Or maybe not if you are looking at the meteor system for justice and freedom lol. Anyway, lets… Continue reading

Master Grade Unicorn and Banshee Part 2

Here’s the latest development with these 2 kits. I have managed to throw in some time to get these 2 kits progressed. Here are some of the work done πŸ™‚After completing the head, the next step would be to do the arms. I also decided to go with construction of the shoulder pads as they go on first and require the arms to keep them in place traditionally.The arms themselves are not very complicated. just that it is a tad confusing due to the many hinges I ahve to put together in the right direction. I decided to build the… Continue reading

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online


If any one have not known about this yet, This is basically a MMO game featuring SD gundams from the first Gundam series all the way to 00 (have not seen any unicorn or age ms in there yet) What happens is you team up with a few other players to go on missions such as defense of Jaburo, Defeat of the Psycho Gundam and other interesting missions such as defeating the gundam meisters lol. Did I mention that it is free to play? The graphics are very good as well and I would recommend it anyone who has not… Continue reading

AaaRrrGggHhh!!!! Broken!!!


Well after trying to pose Rockman Zero yesterday, one of my prediction came true… Due to the tight joint at the shoulder, the ball joint has broke off and fixed itself to the shoulder socket PERMANENTLY… As this kit is not very expensive (circa Β£20), I decided to get another full replacement kit rather than putting a part order. That way I will have 2 Z-sabers and 2 Z-Busters which is not too bad imo. I will also have a nother set of “face plates” for swapping which is also an added bonus imo. So this guy is going to… Continue reading

Kotobukiya 1/10 Rockman Zero


Whilst most people over the weekend (Friday night) have been watching the opening of the Olympic ceremony, I have been upstairs putting this little guy together πŸ™‚ Photos are taken with my iphone and the build is presented more casual compare to my other builds so do excuse me πŸ™‚ (Dont see the point of building him on my gunpla hangar lol) A bit of background about him for peeps who do not know anything about rockman or in this case Rockman Zero in particular. Rockman is a Japanese game which became popular in the 80s and evolving from there,… Continue reading