MG Exia GN-001

This is my first attempt at logging my Gundam model construction so excuse me for my not so professional writeup. Perhaps I will improve as I go along. Anyway, down to business. I have always been a fan of melee gundams and so decided to get this model. I got this from China and it an original bandai kit, not the TT ones or other versions. My wife always wondered whats the difference between the TT models and the bandai ones and we managed to find some of those TT ones. One thing I can say is although the model… Continue reading

It’s a start

Having been building gundams for a number of years, I have decided to start a blog to log the activities as well as showcase the models which I have built over the years. This blog will most probably be reviewing and logging the models which I will be building or have built in the past. Mostly also to practice my photography skills.Thanks for many other Gundam builders for the inspiration. Some models I have built are as follows:HG 1/100 Aile Strike GundamHG 1/100 Force Impulse GundamHG 1/100 Gold Frame AstrayHG 1/100 Gold Frame Astray – AmatsuHG 1/100 Destiny GundamHG 1/144… Continue reading