High Grade 1/100 Dragon Gundam


Being a young boy when G Fighter Gundam was airing, my parents did not allow me to watch it as they were busy with trying to get me to study hard and get 100 marks for everything so that they will not lose face to their friends who have children who are very bright. Such was the environment in Asian countries *sigh* Thankfully, those days are now behind me and I am no longer binded by the whim and call of my parents and so I have only started watching this series. Whilst the animation is very old and nothing… Continue reading


For most of you who have been looking for my past posts,  My most sincere apologies but the pictures are not working. I blame facebook for that as they recently changed all the hyperlinks for the images and so all of my pictures are affected and I have to reload every picture and redo everything allllllll over again. Hopefully this should take too long as I have better things to do than to thaw through 100+ past entries and fixing all the pictures.

Moving “home”

Well, I have now migrated to wordpress and the entire blog has now moved over to my own domain together with everything else 🙂 Do bear with me whilst I “put the furniture” into place as well give the place a new “wallpaper” 🙂 I think I might need to spend some time on this and re-deco the place and put in the tweeks… Well moving “home” is always a daunting task :S

Master Grade 1/100 Gundam Age-1 Normal


I have never thought I will pick this model up to be honest as ever since the series was announced, I quite disliked the “spoiler” which was mounted onto the back thrusters of the mobile suit. It feels sort of like a additional gimmick which was added to it just for the sake of having something there. There is no air in space so I dont think the spoiler will have much effect on the stability of the mobile suit when in combat in space. I am planning on just getting the normal version and not the Titus or the… Continue reading

Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam v2.0


Its a long time since I posted anything I have been working on as I have been busy with some other projects either around the house. So far I have managed to find some time every evening to build the RX-78-2 Gundam. So after a week of intensive Gunpla building, I have completed the gundam and here’s the WIP. I must say that most of the people I know have slowly began to build less and less model kits. Some of the prominent ones have even decided to go on a sabbatical and cease all gunpla activities until further notice…. Continue reading