MG 1:100 GNX-603T GN-X

My other Model Kit which arrived with the Mirage Astray is the GN-X. This kit, if you are not familiar with it is featured in the Gundam 00 series and it is a mobile suit developed by the United Nations to combat the Celestial Being “threat”

Althought the GN-X was inferior to the original gundams, they make up for that in numbers and swarming their enemies was one of their most often deployed tactics.

Having used my Mobile Suit Hangar for the construction of the Akatsuki Gundam. I felt it was a good idea and way of documenting and presenting my WIP. And having not build a Master Grade Model Kit using the Hangar, I have decided to give it a go.

In this model kit, a figure of both Sergei Smirnov and Soma Peries are provided and you have the choice to choose who to pilot the GN-X. For this kit, I have decided to put Sergei in as Soma’s figure has too big a head in comparison to the body šŸ˜›

Having properly introduced everyone and prepared the hangar, we started the build of the GN-X

Similar to the GN Drive of the Exia Gundam, the GN Tau Drive in cooperates spaces for 2 led units. Unfortunately, Bandai decided to sell these separately and a included in the kit is a form where you have to fill out and send to bandai to order your leds. And also this form is only valid in Japan.

I think I will leave the LEDs out and sort them later when I have the time to do so.

An improvement to the GN Drives that this GN Tau Drive has is that the clear parts no longer get pushed into the drive if you accidentally knock it (when there isnt any LED unit in them). And also cosmetically, I prefer this design compared to the original GN drive which the Celestial Beings used. Something about the Drive itself look cleanly designed.

The drive itself is quite long compared to the GN drive of CB and construction of this was not too complicated. Only part to take note of is the twisting mechanism of the drive has to be correctly aligned.

As seen here, a GN Drive holder is provided. This holder is a lot more stylish looking and pretty well designed imo. Maybe the mecha designer wants to show a hint of improvement by the enemies of CB as they are being developed by all 3 fractions of the United Nations.

Shipped off to be used later after the main body’s been constructed.

As per the Akatsuki, I started out building the GN-X from its feet. I was hoping that I am able to build the MS by building its skeleton first and then placing the armour pieces on to it but some of the instructions require that you put the armour on so I was not really happy about that.

Whilst the feet were in place, I started the construction of the knee unit at another part of the Hangar.

The armour platings were prepared at yet another part of the Hangar. Do not cut out all your pieces like I have done unless you can remember which part is for where and only if you are an experienced gunpla model builder šŸ˜‰

These are the main skeletal structure of the legs. The legs themselves are not very complicated to put apart and the only point to note is to be careful not to force any parts. This will ensure that you do not accidentally break anything if you make a wrong “turn” šŸ˜‰

Putting the legs together took me about an hour as I tend to build both left and right legs together. I do this as it is faster as it is simply a mirror image.

Both legs completed and standing without any problems šŸ˜‰

Next, we proceed to the waist unit. The waist unit itself is uniquely designed and if you are familiar wtith the anime “Zone of the Enders” you will notice that the cockpit is reminiscent of that.

The top of the waist unit also features almost the same design as the kampfer MS as it is a round base connecting to the troso which is seen here as well.

The cockpit, like I said is uniquely designed and it sit inverted or facing a strange direction.

To the side of the waist we have these long looking “binders” that house the particle condensers which extends the operating time and speed of the GN-X.

Everything was pieced up onto the waist preety easily. One of the things I would like to comment on are the binders. I think the design is not really good, although they look stylish. they are only held on by a ball joint in front and I am afraid that in future, when the friction wears off, the binders would simply be limp and hang there looking very sorry and ugly.

I shall continue with this after I finish the whole build… that’s all for now šŸ˜‰

Part 2 of build here:

Elvin's Gunpla: MG 1:100 GNX-603T GN-X : Part 2

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