Tale of the Two Gundams

During Easter, I ordered 2 kits from Japan before going to Singapore for my trip. Having arrived back in the UK after 2 weeks, I was well chuffed that the kits I order have arrived. They might have been in the UK earlier than me as they needed to clear customs.

It would be great if they took the same flight as me back to UK as they have been shipped via SAL (surface air lift) from Japan which means it hitch-hiked on the excess space of planes to get to its destination.

The Strike Gundam is one of my favorites back when Gundam Seed was still airing in Japan. In fact I went back into the Gunpla hobby altogether because of it. I remember 8 odd years ago, I was still a student and I came across a promotional display of the then new Gundam Seed series. I was like “what is this? this doesnt look like the usual gundam which I was aware off??”

In my mind, I was under the impression that Gundam design should all look like the RX-78-2 era. So I was pretty curious when I saw this modern looking Strike Gundam.

And so it began, I went online and did search and found the series and begun to watch and loved it. What I particularly liked about the series is about how friends can turn into enemies because of politics as well as how war is pointless.

The Impulse Gundam in my view is the Strike Gundam with a little more flavour added to it. Its like back to the core fighter days where the core fighter docks with the MS to pilot it. I liked it due to the introduction in episode 1, the transforming sequence, the bgm and the final stance. swwweeeettt 🙂

Although I find Shin a little annoying a little later, I still bought the model regardless.

Back to the build…

I have not thought of which one to build as both of them look pretty similar and they are both the main mobile suits introduced in Seed and Seed Destiny respectively.

SO, with a crazy thought, I pondered “why not build them both at once??” And so, I got my usual MS Hangar out and started building it 🙂

As usual, I decided to start the construction from the foot up, I believe that is how the 1/1 Grade Gundaam was built so I tend to follow it 😉

Halfway through, I decided to swap the strike and the impulse around as the strike’s feet are bigger than the impulse’s

Both pairs of feet completed… If anyone noticed, I have started doing panel-lining. This has been done with the GraphGear 500 0.3mm mechanical pencil which I introduced in one of my earlier posts.

I found out that the white balance was not quite right after this. Also, the fact that I am building this in the conservatory is not contributing to a good photo so I moved everything in doors…

Carried on with the consturction of the inner frame of the legs. I plan to build from the inner frame out and also from the bottom out. I believe this would be how a real gundam will be built. Also some parts like the arms and the torso might be built on the ground and crane lifted to be attached to the waist i believe.

Much better pictures after shifting indoors imo 🙂

The waists are next. Quite interesting that they are quite easy to put together compared to all that gimmick they designed for the infinite Justice as well as the Destiny Gundam. They should have kept the Destiny’s waist simple and not incooperate that flimsy “leg spreading switch” imo.

Impulse’s Core Fighter. Quite a lot of lines to panel line on this one. In the anime, I seldom see the missiles being used. more than often they have been discarded when transforming. Quite uneconomical i think, wasting missiles… I think he should maybe have a compartment which stores them. I think the sky grasper has that function…

Next up is the Torso. I tried my best to keep the armour parts off but some of them need to be on before the rest of the inner frame can go on so… oh well. If you have recently built the Strike noir or the srike rouge, you will find that building the strike is quite the same (well, they are all the same actually lol)

Completed both Torsos and mounted successfully. Now on to the head…

I can’t see any inner frame for the head and so I built the entire thing. I have refined the presentation of their heads by putting them onto their respective mounts and photographing them. If you follow my previous WIPs, you will notice that I normally just “serve” their heads on a “platter” which is quite crude imo 😛

Not much difficulty in mounting those head units 🙂

Proceeding with the build, we have the arms and shoulders next. The impulse’s shoulder armour doesn’t have inner frames compared with the strike so I built strike’s shoulder first.

Impulse’s arm was built whist that was going on.

Strike’s came shortly thereafter.

Both MS with arms mounted.

A little design problem with the impulse is the elbows’ plug is very stiff, and the piece is not strong enough and so I have had stress marks on the elbow joints. I took it apart and widened the hole and plug joint with a round needle file and everything is moving fine now. Although I will continue to monitor it just in case.

With the inner frames complete, all we have to do is mount the armour platings 🙂

Torso armour first…

Shoulder, arm and leg armour coming on next…

Waist skirts…

And after they went on… … …Completion 🙂 Time to get that cockpit closed 😛

Obililatory group photo of everyone involved 🙂

Towards the end, I am sure you can tell that I just want to finish the build as I began to take less and less detailed pictures of the building process lol… This is where I have got to. Weapons and backpacks next and then maybe a short review of the entire project 🙂

Thanks for visiting 😉

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11 Responses to Tale of the Two Gundams

  1. Tom says:

    Dang, how long did it took to make this whole post? XD
    Nubmarks are cleaned off pretty good.

  2. Elvin says:

    i think to type out the whole post, it took about 20 minutes i think.

    If you are asking about the time taken to make this post possible, i would say roughly a week 😛

    Sorry about the long post though lol.

    I use manicure clippers and “tools” to cut them out so nub marks are kept to a minimum. should try it yourself and see 😉

  3. Tachikawa says:

    How long did you need to finish one Gunpla?…
    With final touch up?…

  4. Elvin says:

    I think the time taken to complete a Gunpla varies on what you do and how long you spend on it.

    I can finish a Gunpla, panel-lining and building (without decals as I dont like decals) within one day if I work continuously on it from morning to evening.

    On workdays, I tend to spend about 3 hours each day on it for about 3 days approx to finish a gunpla.

  5. draven3410 says:

    nice builds. Pretty cool that you built both at once!

  6. Elvin says:


    Well I might try building 3 or 4 the next time… the only niggle is that the entire floor would be occupied by runners 😛

    When I did this, about 3/4 of the living room was covered by runners lol

    I think if this was a group build, it would be more fun as the other kit would be built by your friend and would have its own building stages as well as one model's progress will be different from the other. More variety from diversity 🙂

  7. Tachikawa says:

    That's cool if more friends enjoy working together to finish up the Gunpla…

  8. David D. says:

    Definitely one of the most original ways to feature the build process, Elvin! I was surprised how entertained I was the whole way through, but you've really done a good job on this one.

  9. Elvin says:


    thanks very much for you comments. I found that most gunpla builders simply post pictures and give a description of what they did. I decided to present it this way as I think readers will be more immersed in the build and “story” of it getting constructed.

    Glad you found it enjoyable to read through 🙂

    My latest entry is one of 3 MGs being built concurrently. I think you might like that as well 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    where do you get the little figures and the hanger type thing, and the claw arms? you make them, dont you? ever think of selling some?

  11. Elvin says:


    These are the Mechanical Chain Bases which are developed by kotobukiya. They are no longer in production by kotobukiya and are now produced by TongTian.

    I have tese for sale on my web store at http://www.gunpla.co.uk 😉

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