GUNDOOM!!!!! China’s infamous Garage kit – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Gundoom build. Following on from the Torso and Head yesterday, the next up is the waist unit.

Looking at the waist unit itself, it seems very detailed for a HG model. The design is more or less the same as most standard gunpla models where it is a ball joint socket for the torso as well as the feet. Only niggle I had with this is the 2 side skirts themselves are not snugly joint together ie the black piece and the white piece.

Another thing is the front 2 skirts and the rear 1 piece skirting are not very snugly fitted and flaps about as well.

Here is the waist attached to the torso. With the long skirting, this MS now looks very much like the NZ-333 a Azieru. Here’s a pick if you don’t know what that is 🙂

On with the build, next we have the legs units.

Nothing special here to describe other than very impressive looking panel lines and detailing, both only achievable if you use pla-plates and chisels to recreate on a bandai kit. Like wise with the feet, I had to cut down 1 of the male plugs as it is not able to be pushed into placed. this the most drastic correction I have done so far whilst building the kit. Some of the pegs or plugs do not fit in properly and require some minor sanding and modifying using the craft knife. But overall it is still ok as I managed to put them together in the end and the kit still looks presentable,

A close up picture of the head…

After all that, all that is left (barring the backpack and weapons) is the arms. I shall not mention the fitting anymore as it is basically the same throughout the model. The arms themselves are well detailed as well and I cannot fault them over the design. Also I believe due to the plastic itself being soft, nub marks are not easily produced due to the nub “readily” being cut off as it is soft.

A completed main unit of the Gundoom comparing to the Dark Astray I kit bashed together 🙂

This kit although it is supposedly a 1/144 HG scale it is as tall as the 1/100 Astray.

Next I will proceed onto the building of the backpack and the weapons.

Meanwhile here are some shots of the Gundoom.

After all that I suddenly realized that this colour scheme has already been done in the anime Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders 😛

Talk about copyright 😛

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6 Responses to GUNDOOM!!!!! China’s infamous Garage kit – Part 2

  1. Knock-off or not, that kit looks awesome.

  2. draven3410 says:

    I believe that bandais own 1/144 scale of this model is the same size as the 1/100 scale. Is this kit the only garage kit available?

  3. Tom says:

    Technically, you need to add some yellow and red to copy that GPB color scheme. XD

  4. Elvin says:


    Nope i believe the company that made this made a 1/144 Nu Gundam as well as a SD Nightingle.


    Yes, that true. I think black and white looks nicer imo 😉

  5. Tachikawa says:

    Even though it is China Made…
    It looks great too…

  6. Agree with tom, you need to add some yellow and red to copy that GPB color scheme. XD

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