Master Grade 00 Qan[T] Gundam – Part 2

With my leave over, I had to resort to building this only after I got home from work and dealt with baby Daniel lol. He tends to take up most of my time now so I am left with very little attention span on Gunpla and my other modelling activities… Lets hope he grows up fast and can look after himself so I can get more done lol.

Anyway where was I… Oh yes I have completed the inner frame of the Qan[T] and all that is left now is to put the armour platings on. Looking at the inner frame reminds me of C3P0 ie when he was first introduced to R2D2 in “The Phantom Menace” aka Star Wars Ep1.

[R2D2 beeps]  

C-3PO: I beg your pardon, but what do you mean, “naked?”
[R2D2 beeps]
C-3PO: My parts are showing? Oh, my goodness, oh!

ok back to the Qan[T] lol. For installing the armour, I started from the feet upwards. Some of the parts in blue which were supposed to install on the reverse of the leg takes a bit of forcing to get them in and it is quite heart stopping when they snap in place with a sickening “PIAK” sound… almost feel as if something has broken… Thank God nothing broke when installing these.

Here’s some of the white pieces which I cut out off the sprue tree and are waiting their nubs cutting off. I tend to cut the parts off the tree with a little nub on them so that I can trim these off gently and easily to avoid getting white stress marks on the colour pieces of plastic. here in this case, they are white so the stress marks are not a big problem. However I think that a habit of mine to get them off and trim them 😛

One side of the leg completed. now on to the next.

Now both done and dusted…For panel lining, I still chose to use my 0.3mm pencil to do it as I find that the colour is not too strong and is quite subtle for my gunpla. I think it is not easily seen from my photos as the exposure might be too high…

The Waist is up next. The parts for these are not numerous due to the front and rear skirts being absent on this model. Due to the high articulation of Setsuna’s Gundams, Exia, 00 and Qan[T] all feature short or no front and rear skirtings at all. This is to prevent “skirting hinderance” to the thighs when the MS is posing. Some additional parts for the torso were prepared for installing as well.

After installing, I found that one of the flaps which is suppose to sit onto the side skirt frame is not snug fit enough and it keeps popping out… I think it might be just my model having this issue.

I was about to carry on building the head and I discovered this:

First thoughts was “What the *&^%$£…. How did it get bent? I dont remember  on it…”

Looks like I will have to get this replaced… grumble grumble… I must say the defect is not very noticeable once installed but as I would like my kits to be damage free, I put in an order for a replacement part all the same…

All that is left to complete the Qan[T] now are the shoulder pads and the arms. The left and Right arms feature a few different design of platings. I am quite sure this has got to do with the equipment which we will find out later.

Platings for the shoulder pads are pretty simply as well, having on 3 pieces per side. (someone remind me to do a better nub mark cleaning…)

And after all that was done, here we have the completed Master Grade Qan[T] Gundam 🙂

Now to wait for its replacement V fin and get the weapons built… rollon part 3…

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  1. Tom says:

    Doesn't blogger have a thing for when you're writing post, you can “break” the post so that readers will click a “Click to continue” link or something along those lines?
    It'll make your blog look a lot less clutter at times ^^;.

  2. Elvin says:

    Hmmmmm I think it looks a bit more cluttered now because blogger has changed to a newer interface and now everything needs to be reformatted.

    I think I will take some extra time to check thorough the posts in future 🙂

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