MG Unicorn & Banshee Gundam

After having the Full Armour Unicorn Gundam sitting in my room for about 4 months, I have finally gotten around to building it… This time with the Banshee Gundam concurrently 🙂

I think the main reason I started the build is because of the arrival of the Banshee Gundam… Wait, the Banshee Gundam? I heard you ask. There is no such Gundam. Well alright then, it is officially known as the Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee but i much prefer to call it the banshee gundam.

The Unicorn Gundam as the name suggests is base on a unicorn and so is the paint colour scheme. Both reflects the elegance and pureness of the unicorn. The Banshee however I am unsure why it wasn’t called the Chimera instead. The Banshee’s head and collar is design to reflect a lion which a banshee name would’nt be fitting seeing that the banshee is a spirit which wails and uses sonic attacks. Oh well, I am not here to argue about the canon behind it here anyway lol. Heck I don’t even know the full background of the unicorn series and have only seen the first 2 episodes lol. Let’s move on to the WIP proper anyways 😉

As you can tell, I have built it starting from the feet up. However because of the lack of time, I am going to just put the armour platings on as we go so apologies for no full naked frame builds (although I am sure it will look pretty nice with the psycho frame pieces attached. Here the feet of both the unicorn and the banshee are similar albeit different in colour. Right now I am using 1 manual to build both kits as they are similar in many different areas. I might make some mistakes and this will be touched on later.

The feet are quite complex due to the fact that they transform. Building and working on the unicorn and banshee, I must say it will take longer as there are many areas you have to take note of the direction where pieces fall in because correcting errors is going to be either damage to a peg or a joint.

Both feet together for some comparison photos 🙂 (these are just the rear feet bits and will be connected to the “toes” later.

Here are the transformable heels of the unicorn and banshee gundams. They both share a similar inner frame and most of it is of the same colour so mixing them out is not too much of a problem 😉

Completed feet with toes attached, awaiting the heels to be installed.

Small bits of armour plating added to the sides of the feet here after the heels are installed… They are not very strongly connected and can fall off if you are not careful… Not sure why didn’t bandai use a PC ball connector for holding them on.

Still working of the feet, here are some traditional front ankle guards for the feet as well as the shin parts/plates. These are quite complex and require you to get them into the correct orientation otherwise you will be hitting problems later. the ankle inner frame is particularly tight feet and quite difficult to put together if you do not have strong fingers lol

With the lower feet done, we now head off to the inner frame of the entire leg. Not particularly confusing, the feet is made up of a slim inner skeleton of parts and then another layer of inner frame parts would “wrap” around them to give them their muscular look. Lots of moveable parts on here as well due to the transformable psycho frame.

I think you can tell from the pics that I am not very sure how to present them lol.

And here they are completed… The unicorn with the green psycho frame and the banshee with its orange psycho frame. I wonder how they would look like if unicorn had the orange parts and banshee had the green :P. I think if they were swapped, unicorn would look “royal” and banshee would look “peaceful” lol. I think if i am not wrong, the banshee would have a green psycho frame at some point in the story…



Up next is the plating and additional inner frame parts for them. Things are starting to get messy and I had to extend my chain base as the parts are getting too numerous and I did not want to photograph some of the parts on the table and some on the base lol.

Things have started to get differe for the 2 models as banshee has psycho frame parts for its inner frame whilst unicorn only has psycho frame bits for psycho frame required areas only. You cansee that there seems to be more orange parts compared to the green parts.




Have forgotten to say that the armour plating of the banshee is not entirely black but it is actually a shade of very dark blue. Also, another thing I realized is that I have not used any Polycaps yet thus far and maybe this kit does not make use of poly caps at all… I wonder how it will fare if it was always rotated and posed different on a daily basis…

Finally completed putting all the parts together. I think it is rather a bleak photo with no beautiful contrast but it is interesting to know that the armour platings open up to reveal all that nice psycho frame parts when they transform ie like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly lol. The armour plates also hide the psycho frame parts quite perfectly and if you are an MS pilot, you will never know that this is a Gundam underneath it.

After a short break, I continued with the hips. Compared to what I have built so far, the hips is a welcome break from the complexity presented thus far. An interesting extendable inner hip joint enables the hip connectors to the legs to be extended. The design for this is quite well thought out, compared to the destiny gundam. Those of you who built the Destiny Gundam would have known that the “switch” for releasing the legs and also for locking it in place is not the best design. Here are the basic hips built and installed onto the top of the legs.

The side skirts also contain psycho frame bits which either rotate of push and pull out to reveal them. As I was referring to the Unicorn’s manual. I mistakenly built the banshee’s side skirt with standard bits without realizing that the banshee uses orange psycho frame parts as opposed to normal grey inner frame parts lol. It is also worth to note that you are able to build a “Dark Unicorn” from Banshee’s parts if you prefer as all parts for building a unicorn are in the banshee’s kit 😉


Like the legs, the hips and skirts hide the psycho frame away neatly until required 😉 I think everything looks rather plain now lol. Can’t wait till it is completed and I can transform it to reveal the psycho frame parts 😛

The Torso is next to be put together. The cockpit’s surround is quite similar to the sinanju’s as in you get a ball of colour plastic encasing the pilot within. In this case the pod is made out of the same material as the rest of the psycho frame so it glows if exposed to UV light 😉

Pilots going through examination lol

At this point I realized that the Banshee has got different parts for the collar and cockpit hatch so…. damn…. I had to rebuild the banshee. So after lots of struggling and pulling, I managed to get the parts apart without breaking anything thankfully, and I managed to get the correct parts installed. Just goes to show that building 2 almost identical kits is not recommended lol.


Here is where I have completed so far. Will continue with the head, shoulders and arms are I get a bit of rest…. 😐

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