Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam v2.0

Its a long time since I posted anything I have been working on as I have been busy with some other projects either around the house. So far I have managed to find some time every evening to build the RX-78-2 Gundam. So after a week of intensive Gunpla building, I have completed the gundam and here’s the WIP.


I must say that most of the people I know have slowly began to build less and less model kits. Some of the prominent ones have even decided to go on a sabbatical and cease all gunpla activities until further notice. I hope that never happens to me and I hope that I can continue to build these models until either the designs are ugly enough or an earthquake brings down Bandai lol.

Anyhow, I decided to get this model as I feel it is a must for any gunpla builder. This is where all gunplas develop from and is the great grand daddy of all things Gundam. After many revisions, this is I believe the final version of the RX-78-2. I have also spent a couple of hours looking through Dalong’s reviews and also comparing all the versions of RX-78-2s before finally deciding to go ahead with the Version 2.0.

I think both the Ver KA and the One Year War versions look nice with all the additional panel lining but after going through reviews, I think the 2.0 has better articulation and I quite like the sleek design of the 2.0 as well as the weapon re-design for it so I went with the 2.0 instead.

This kit does not need any introduction as all gunpla builders should already know who pilots this and how basic this mobile suit operates and what it is capable of 😉 If not, here’s a short intro, this MS, the RX-78-2 is piloted by the famous Amuro Ray who is also the pilot for the Nu and High Nu Gundams in the later stages of the UC. Its main rivals consist of multiple MS most of which are piloted by Char Aznable.

With that short introduction lets take a look at the WIP.

Core Fighter
Here we have the core fighter of the RX-78-2. This piece is full of details and is a very well designed piece. I especially like how smooth everything move and folds when it is transformed into its docking mode. The only thing I can fault it is that the installation of the wings is quite hairy and I am quite afraid that I might damage it as the nub points which is designed for the wing to be held in place is very small and can be easily “rubbed” away (not sure if you know what I mean lol)


From this completed picture, if you were to look carefully, you can see that there is a small white stress mark on one of the wings. This is due to me forcing the bit of “nub” which holds itself in.


All ready and transformed into its “docking mode” for installing onto the Gundam at a later stage 🙂


The inner frames for the legs are very well thought out and after having a bad experience with the knees of the MG Unicorn Gundam. I had a long look at the design of this and am quite confident that this will last longer and not break like the one I saw in the case of the unicorn Gundam.



Being an MG the inner frames display a tint of complexity in its construction and mechanics. Lots of interesting moving pistons and miscellaneous gimmicks that move in sync when you bend the knees or move the ankles. The design is simple but feels complex which is what I like about this particular design and hope that the tradition will continue for all future MG kits.


I only noticed today that Duo Maxwell have fallen down in the picture 😛 apologies for that mistake.


After a couple of minutes of figuring out where all the pistons and slots go into, The inner frame of the legs are finally completed.



Looking at how everything is put together, it is quite a good design and one can feel that this version 2.0 of the RX-78-2 is a great improvement to the v1 and v1.5. With the inner frame works completed, I went on to put the armour platings on to complete the legs.




Some more additional inner frames to go on after some of the armour has been put on.



Both legs completed :). Although they look pretty plain and do not spot a ton of panel lines like in the case of the ver ka or OYW version, I think this looks quite clean and simple. Which is also good as I can concentrate on building the kit than doing panel lining lol.


The waists itself is neither simple nor complicated. I have still not completely understood how the skirts move and rotate as they seem to be able to rise and fall. It also incorporates a “tilting” design in which the torso can be tilted later when installed onto the waist.


The Inner frame of the waist completed and installed onto the legs before putting the skirtings and the other platings onto it.


Multiple colourful armour platings to go onto the waist inner frames.


Completed :). Everything is coming together nicely from what I can see lol.


The torso is pretty interesting as it has a huge recess in the center to accommodate the core fighter. The inner pistons of the arms has a good mechanic design to it and everything fits together nicely. The armour plating hides away all that complexity discreetly and makes everything look simple but is it actually quite complex below. It kind of reminds me of how Apply designs their products… Simple looking on the outside but powerful and complex on the inside.

The core fighter was installed onto the waist ahead of the torso being built.


When building the torso, I almost broke the pilot’s opening hatch (bit in blue that slides up and down) The instructions were not very clear so just a caution to other builders who have got this kit. Check the position of the sliding mechanism before trying to force it in 🙂


Torso built and mounted onto the core fighter… The blue colour of this kit is not exactly what I would prefer as this has a greenish hue to it and so far, I have not had a kit which has this coloured plastic imo. Quite interesting as well lol.


The head of the RX-78-2 comprises of the usual eye, mouth piece, head inner frame and 4 armour plastic plus 1 v-fin. I like the mouth piece in particular as the vents in it have been cut out or moulded out, leaving 2 visible vents rather than requiring us to panel line the vents as in the case of almost all the kits I have built in the past.I think if Bandai were to leave out the vents for most parts ie the arms, torso or even legs, they would save on plastics as well as make the kit look better imo 😉


I find the neck quite stocky after completing the head. Maybe it will be alright after it has been attached.


Head attached :). From this angle, this feels kind of like the 1/1 Gundam in Japan lol.If I ever go to Japan to visit the 1/1 Gundam, I will bring this along to photograph it next to its “big” brother lol. Loads of photographic ideas popping into my head now lol.


I forgot to document the build of the backpack so do excuse me for that lol.

Next on the list are the arms. normally for some kits, the shoulder pads are able to mount on to the torso first before the arms are build and attached however this is not the case with the RX-78-2. Instead of mounting onto the torso, the shoulder pads mount onto the polycap connector of the arms.

Nevertheless, the shoulder pads were built first as they just consist of 3 parts per side. I took the oppertunity to cut off the beam sabers to install onto the backpack.


The inner frame of the arms portray the same level of detail and complexity as the legs and although they look complex, they are quite straight forward to put together. In this Gundam, the fingers are individually articulated and are quite similar to the Zaku or mono eyed MS. Also the hand guard is gray as opposed to the traditional white as seen on most v-fin MSs.


All armour platings installed onto the inner frames and ready to be mounted 🙂


After all the parts are up, we have the completed RX-78-2 🙂


I have also completed the weapons for him as well and here they are:


My thoughts on this kit is that it is a great kit and very worth building and adding to my collection. Also would recommend this to people who are new to the Gunpla hobby as this kit has a bare minimum of panel-lining and are also mostly easy to line. The kit itself is complex in design but the building process is pretty straight forward and you cannot make a mistake. I built some of the parts without even having to consult the manual lol.

If you prefer, you can get the Real Grade version which has tons of decals as well as panel lines. That would be more challenging compared to this Master Grade RX-78-2. And as the MG costs about £10 more than the RG, you are really getting quite a good deal out of the Real Grade counterpart. However, I wouldn’t recommend a beginner to get that 🙂

Overall this kit is a stable kit and quite strudy enough for you to play around with it and pose without worrying about any loose pieces falling off or breaking. Good thing about simple gunpla models is thay are easy to pose and safe to play around with 😉

OK thats all for the RX-78-2 😉 I will post some action shots if I have time. Got to work on my next gundam before the backlog starts piling up 😉

A Sneak preview of what is to come next 🙂

introducing Flit Asuno 😉


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2 Responses to Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam v2.0

  1. grimlind says:

    I also have rx 78-2 but v1.5 old version… It's look difrent on some part.
    And where u get a small crew on your dio…

  2. Elvin says:


    The 1.5 version looks nice as well and I think there are more panel lines on the 1.5 compared to the 2.0 lol

    The “crew” is various figures from all the 1/100 MG kits which I have built in the past. Alternatively, I think Bandai is releasing an official set (Builders Parts HD: MS figures) and they will be released next month (nov 2012)


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