Master Grade 1/100 Age-2 Normal Gundam – Part 2

It might be the first time that I managed to get to build gunpla as well as do an update on the blog on the same day lol. Most of the time, I am too busy to do the blog after completing the build a few days earlier. From where I left off, I built the torso and the head in the restaurant the last time and brought everything back home after that day and managed to setup the chain base to continue my build.

Here’s where we got to in the previous post 😉 I had to use 2 “containers” to hoist the unit up due to its long “sparrow tail” rear skirting lol.



Next we carried on the building process by beginning with its feet and legs.


The feet is very different from the traditional design as in this case the Mobile Suit is a transformable variant and so I think there is some parts which are designed with that specifically in mind.


Like the AGE-1 Gundam the Age-2’s feet and legs are made up of different modules which click into place after they have all been completed. I am not sure if this is a new approach that Bandai is taking or is this something that is common in the Age series Mobile Suits.


From the pictures you are looking at the various modules and parts which are put together separately and then joint together towards the end.

With the feet being that slim and skinny, I hope balancing the mobile suit would be a challenge. We will test that out later when the entire kit is built. However, I have a feeling that this kit will be on an action base most of the time if the legs are not able to support the kit properly.


Here are the rest of the modules completed and ready to be joint onto the feet.


After putting all the different modules together, we finally mounted them onto the previously completed parts… For the moment, the feet seems to be able to hold the posture of the mobile suit. However, that said, there are a few problems with the legs at the knee level. The knee area is not very secure and rattle about for some reason. I suspect this has something to do with the transforming mechanism. also at the ankle area, the white armor pieces seem to be rubbing against the grey ankle bit. I might need to do some investigation into why that is happening.

Meanwhile, here is where we have got to. Hopefully I should be able to continue and build the arms tomorrow and update the blog as well 😉


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