Master Grade 1/100 Age-2 Normal Gundam – Part 1

Having built the Age-1 Normal Gundam a while back, it seems only natural that I should pick up the successor to it which is the AGE-2 Normal Gundam.

In my opinion, the Age series is Bandai’s attempt to showcase and compress different types of Gundam they have thought up for various series in the past all into a single Anime. For example, the AGE-1 normal would represent the basic RX-78-2, the AGE-2 Normal would be the Zeta gundam, the AGE-3 might be representing the same line of technology as the impulse gundam. and the AGE FX would be the one representing Gundam and mobile suits which utilize funnels or bits which are separate from the main body to be used as offensive or defensive weapons.

Anyway, before I delve into the build itself, I would like to say that this build is presented very simply and does not have any exploded view of the pieces as I was engaged as a photographer to photograph food in a restaurant. As I didnt have much time left to build the Age-2 at home, I decided to bring it along and build it whilst the chef is cooking lol.

No pictures of the food here though otherwise you might get all hungry whilst reading lol.

Before starting out the build of the kit, I used my usual pencil to panel line the parts. I find that doing this before building and putting the pieces together much better as I am able to access the narrowest crevices as well as not having to maneuver the pencil between arms and legs to panel line properly.


This time, I started the build according to the manual and so we begin with the torso.

The Age-2 Gundam being a transformable mobile suit has a different design for it cockpit. The pilot’s seat is able to slide in and out of the torso as well as the torso having a hatch to open to reveal the pilot. This will be touch an demonstrated later when the mobile suit has been completely built.


As you can see, the “A” in the chest is similar to the one used in the AGE-1 Gundam and behind that green clear bit is a shiny foil sticker which is placed there to give the A a “lighted up” effect. I must say it looks rather nice and Bandai should have done this for the mobile suits in the 00 series as well so that people can have the option of having the gn leds or simply have a foil sticker to bring out the lighted effect.


Here’s another view of the torso just to compensate for the loss of details of the build due to the circumstances explained earlier 😛


Next we come to the head of the Age-2 Gundam.


The head of the Age-2 Gundam looks much more sleek compared to the design of the Age-1 Gundam. There isnt much special things to note for the head design, only just you are able to choose between applying foil stickers for the eyes and other areas on the head OR use the reverse foil sticker to make the clear green parts look as if they are lighted up as in the case of the “A” in the chest.

It is also worth to note that the v fins are very fragile and one should be very careful when installing them.

Here’s another view of the kit with the head installed.


I applied the foil stickers rather than the reverse foil sticker as the reverse foil stickers require light to reflect and as you can see from the picture, the eyes are shaded by the visor and so if I were to apply those, the eyes will seem darker than usual. Quite glad I went with the normal foil stickers for the head.


I decided to forgo the arms and the shoulders and head down to the waist as I do not think I have time to do 2 arms and 2 shoulders before I have to photograph other dishes which might be coming out from the kitchen lol.



As you can see the waist is quite interesting in its design as it has a long “sparrow” like tail/fin at the rear. I am sure this has something to do with how it looks when it transforms into the Wave rider mode.

I am also no very sure how to photograph it after it is completed lol.


Here is where I got to before i had to go and do some photography of the food which I was supposed to do. I think I might get the arms and the legs done by this weekend and update the blog shortly after.

Thank you for reading 🙂

To be continued…

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