Master Grade 1/100 Blitz Gundam WIP – Part 2

The Blitz Gundam was completed in November but I didnt have time to do the write up for it. I managed to get some now as I took most of it off lol. anyway without further ado, let get on to the build.

In the previous build, we have completed the lower 2 legs and we are about to proceed onto the hips or waist.



The waist/hips are different from the usual design as the rear skirts is a huge one piece as opposed to the usual 2 skirting setup. Also, on this kit, the hips feature the new “extendable” design where you are able to extend the legs by switching the plug hole of the hip area up and down. I used to have the HG 1/100 scale Blitz gundam and it seems that this setup is very close to that as well.


Other that these 2, there isnt anything different and the side and front skirting are the usual ones used in almost all MG kits we have encountered.


The waist have been completed and mounted onto the 2 legs shortly thereafter. I do not really like the design on the hip to leg connector as I feel the pegs are too short and pop out very easily if you are adjusting the “extending” feature in the hips. I tend to leave these in their default settings rather than extend them most of the time. I do this for most MG models that spot these sort of hip designs ie MG Exia and 00 Gundam Just to name a few.


Heading on to the next part of the build, we come to the torso. I am not very sure about the this but I believe the Blitz, Buster, Duel and maybe even the Aegis and Strike share the same inner frame as I think on the runner, it is named X-frame rather than printing Blitz’s name onto it so I feel that this might not be use exclusively for the Blitz only and looking at how the MG Wing range have had all the inner frames shared, I believe Bandai might be going down this route to save of design costs and get the most out of the the current inner frame designs.


The Blitz’s torso contains numerious small plastic parts and it can be very easy to dislodge any one of these if you are not careful and put too much pressure onto areas where these bits are simply “sitting” into. These basically have “slots” as opposed to plug and pegs to keep them in place.


Fitting the rest of the armour pieces on, we have the torso more or less completed with the rear “thrusters” to be build and install at a later stage.


Here are the pieces which make up the rear thrusters which are installed onto the upper shoulders and rear back of the Blitz. What I particularly like about them is unlike most kits which have a backpack, this is not a backpack and it is installed onto the main torso which is very solid and stable. Another good point is that this makes the kit not back heavy and does not compromise on looks as well.


Looking at the completed torso with the thrusters fins installed, you can really tell that this design is very sleek and everything looks the part. I think in terms of sleekness and coolness, this kit would be only be beaten by Sinanju lol.



We come to the head next after the torso has been completed and installed to the rest of the completed modules.


The head is made up of the usual faceplate, a thick V fin as well as a spartan style cheek plate ‘helmet’ The design of the headdress f the Blitz is very unique in this way and it adds to the sleek and coolness of the overall mobile suit imo. The clear red plastic makes up the front sensor and rear sensor ‘lit up’ effect. A green foil sticker is provided to be applied over them but I decided to leave the stickers out as they look good in clear red imo.


The head completed and moved on to be installed onto the torso.


Looking at the kit so far, I think it looks rather great even though it is half completed. I am not sure why but I always find kits completed to this point quite nice even though they are missing their arms. I guess it feels like they are being repaired or constructed and at this point only a little bit is left before they are finally complete.

Here’s where we have completed so far.


I must say I really like the way the kit looks even thought it is missing its arms lol.


logically, the next area to get built is the shoulders. However, for most kits, the shoulders depend on the arms to hold them in place and similarly on this kit, the shoulders are not able to sit on the arm connector without first having the arms installed to fix them i place.


Nevertheless, I decided to get the shoulders built first. The shoulders have got an additional gimmick whereby there is a flap which opens on each of them. When the Mirage Colloid is deployed, thee flaps will open to simulate that and this is a new feature and is not seen in the original Gundam Seed series. I have not seen the new HD Gundam Seed series so I cannot confirm if this was portrayed in the Anime as well.

Anyway it is an interesting gimmick and adds to the playability of the kit 🙂


Here they are completed and ready to be mounted and installed once the arms are ready to be installed as these depend on the arms to hold them in place between the arms and the torso.


The arms are not very complex to put together. Hands wise, it is the new type hands where you have to exchange the “fingers” when you want a different pose of effect. I find that these are easier to use for some models but I think I prefer the usual moveable fingers and thumbs from the older designs.


The protruding parts which attach to the trikeros weapon system and the Gleipnir Anchor look out of place and rather an eye sore imo when none of the armaments are attached.


With the Arms completed, the shoulder pads are installed together with them, which brings the build to this:


Looking at the kit in general, it looks quite well designed and rather cool and stunning to look at lol. After staring at it for awhile and admiring its design, I managed to star working on the trikeros weapon system and the gleipnir anchor.


The trikeros weapon system comprises of 3 lancer darts, a beam saber as well as a beam rifle built onto a shield. I believe this is a pretty good concept as the mobile suit will not need to carry its beam rifle separate on the other hand. This configuration is also seen on the Exia Gundam where its GN Sword is in built with its beam rifle and shield.


Apologies for not having any detailed exploded view of the parts which make this up as I was quite tired with panel lining the 3 lancer darts. Those are a real pain as they are round and small and some parts on them are extremely difficult to panel line as it keeps slipping.

Next we come to the gleipnir anchor. This is more or less very similar to the HG counterpart and there is only a very slight difference in the fins. I believe the claws are similar in built but not in design.


This was put together without too much difficulty and here we have the completed anchor.



With the armaments completed, all that is left to do it to mount them onto the Blitz Gundam and the build is completed 🙂


Looking at the completed kit, I cannot help but admire it as it looks absolutely stunning 🙂 There is nothing out of place or anything I can find fault with during the build and the completed kit is a work of art.

Maybe the only thing I can complain about is that the kit has many tiny bits which might get dislodged if you are not careful enough ie the little yellow fin on the rear of the trikeros weapon and also the small red vents on the torso and the fins on the anchor.

The ankles’ articulation is very good and can give very wide stances for posing and this kit in general is a very dynamic kit and can do so far, all the poses you see in the anime with no problems.

I am quite please with this kit and would say this is a must get for gunpla enthusiasts.

Thank you as well for viewing my post and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

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