Master Grade 1/100 Blitz Gundam WIP – Part 1

I bought this kits as soon as it was released but for some reason, I have not gotten round to get this built. I think this was more of an impulse buy as I already was influenced that this is a great model due to me having built the High Grade 1/100 version sometime ago in the past.

After I saw the Master Grade Blitz, I sold the High Grade one off and managed to get the MG version by throwing in some additional cash to top it up ;). Was initially quite reluctant to let the High Grade one go as I have grown to like the design after building it and photographing it. Anyway I have got the photos from it as a memento and the consolation that I have now got the Master Grade version lol.

So, the Blitz Gundam. A little history about this for those who do not like gundam seed or did not watch it, This is one of the 5 GAT mobile suits which was built by Orb, a neutral country much like Switzerland for the Earth Federation. However, the ZAFT (zeon-like fraction) managed to steal this together with 3 other mobile suits ie the Buster, Duel and Aegis Gundams.

Technical details for the blitz is that it is a stealth MS used for infiltration. What I like about the Blitz is the trikeros weaponss system where by it is a beam saber, lance harpoon, a beam rifle and functions like a shield as well. I am not sure what purpose the “claw” or anchor as they call it is good for as it is used to grapple enemies and “fish” them over for additional mauling. I suppose if it is me, I will cut the line off with a beam saber when that happens lol.

There is a limited edition clear version MG Blitz gundam to portray this MS in stealth mode as well.  Although good looking I think I still prefer this coloured/painted version.

On with the build then…

As I have build the High Grade version before I felt that the Master Grade version is almost the same as the High Grade. The only difference is that there are some additional features and gimmicks.

As you can see from the photos, they parts comprising the feet are quite few in number and are very basic plug and hole type joints. No simulated moving pistons or joints in this. In fact everything is quite bland for an MG imo.


Here are the 2 feet completed. What I would like to add is the plastic in this kit feels different. Why do I say that? well normally dark coloured plastics are a natural pain to remove nubs without causing a white plastic stress mark. In this kit, I have managed to remove the nubs without much damage/stress to the underlying plastic and so it feels kind of different in a way.

The lower leg is made up of multiple layers of inner frame together with the violet surrounds. This design has not changed from the HG version and is being further developed upon. The general feel of this kit is that it is not a ery complicated Master Grade as compared to other MG kits.

I am sure I have seen the inner frame for the thighs being used somewhere before but I cannot seem to put my finger on it… is it on the strike? or is it use in one of the 00 Gundam kits…

The violet colour is a good choice of colour as compared to the pinkish colour used in the HG version.


Here are the 2 legs almost completed. All that is left is to install the armour platings. The ankle is a combination of 2 ball joints which would mean that it should be quite good in posing its feet. This is also a feature of the High Grade version though. The more I build this, the more it feels like an upgraded HG version rather than a uniquely designed kit lol.

I might be wrong for feeling that way as even though they are different versions, they are still essentially representing the same MS and so the design shouldn’t vary too much.


Some of the armour platings for the legs. I always had a thing for curvy armour platings. It makes the MS look more organic and alive imo as compared to angular and squarish mechas. One of the reasons why I picked this up is becauseof its overall sleek look ^_^


In November, Bandai will be releasing a set of modelling accessories consisting of 1/100 miniture figures. That will give me a few additional variations to the depiction of the hangar and might add a bit of life to my pictures lol.

Whilst having dark armour makes removing nub marks a very stressful time if not careful, The darker colour provides some benefits as well as there is no need to panel line them :D. This have sped up the overall time spent on building the kit and I am not complaining lol.


Anyway, here is where I left the build at. Hopefully I might get sometime this weekend to complete up to the torso. Thanks for viewing 😉


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