Master Grade 1/100 Astray Red Frame Gundam Kai


Hello everyone, first of all I have been away for a long long time and have not been doing much in the area of Gunpla building. IF you really must know what is happening, well I have been watching a few “pieces” of anime, namely Code Geass and Valvrave the Liberator. I have also been busy with building and painting my Tau Army as well as my Eldar allies for 40k wargaming with my friends and brother. I guess building warhammer 40k kits is a bit different as the kits cannot move after being put together and they require painting, which is… Continue reading

Master Grade 1/100 Age-2 Normal Gundam – Part 1


Having built the Age-1 Normal Gundam a while back, it seems only natural that I should pick up the successor to it which is the AGE-2 Normal Gundam. In my opinion, the Age series is Bandai’s attempt to showcase and compress different types of Gundam they have thought up for various series in the past all into a single Anime. For example, the AGE-1 normal would represent the basic RX-78-2, the AGE-2 Normal would be the Zeta gundam, the AGE-3 might be representing the same line of technology as the impulse gundam. and the AGE FX would be the one… Continue reading

Master Grade 1/100 Blitz Gundam WIP – Part 1


I bought this kits as soon as it was released but for some reason, I have not gotten round to get this built. I think this was more of an impulse buy as I already was influenced that this is a great model due to me having built the High Grade 1/100 version sometime ago in the past. After I saw the Master Grade Blitz, I sold the High Grade one off and managed to get the MG version by throwing in some additional cash to top it up ;). Was initially quite reluctant to let the High Grade one… Continue reading

Master Grade 1/100 Gundam Age-1 Normal


I have never thought I will pick this model up to be honest as ever since the series was announced, I quite disliked the “spoiler” which was mounted onto the back thrusters of the mobile suit. It feels sort of like a additional gimmick which was added to it just for the sake of having something there. There is no air in space so I dont think the spoiler will have much effect on the stability of the mobile suit when in combat in space. I am planning on just getting the normal version and not the Titus or the… Continue reading

Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam v2.0


Its a long time since I posted anything I have been working on as I have been busy with some other projects either around the house. So far I have managed to find some time every evening to build the RX-78-2 Gundam. So after a week of intensive Gunpla building, I have completed the gundam and here’s the WIP. I must say that most of the people I know have slowly began to build less and less model kits. Some of the prominent ones have even decided to go on a sabbatical and cease all gunpla activities until further notice…. Continue reading