Master Grade 1/100 Astray Red Frame Gundam Kai


Hello everyone, first of all I have been away for a long long time and have not been doing much in the area of Gunpla building. IF you really must know what is happening, well I have been watching a few “pieces” of anime, namely Code Geass and Valvrave the Liberator. I have also been busy with building and painting my Tau Army as well as my Eldar allies for 40k wargaming with my friends and brother. I guess building warhammer 40k kits is a bit different as the kits cannot move after being put together and they require painting, which is… Continue reading

HG 1:100 LV-ZGMF-X23S Vent Saviour Gundam

This kit is based on yet another Mobile suit from the VS Astray series of Gundam Seed. Similar to the Mirage Astray Mk1 and MK2, this mobile suit is developed in secret by Librarian Works. I do not know much about the Librarian Works or the VS Astray story. However, I decided to acquire this model due to a couple of reasons. 1) I liked the original saviour gundam which was piloted by Athrun but didnt like the red colour scheme. But I liked this recoloured version 😛 2) Being a fan of macross, plane transforming mecha will get loads… Continue reading

EU Gunpla CUP – Musha Gundam Photo Session

Completed the build and touch up of the Musha Gundam. Here are some pictures and a small over view of the kit as and when I posed it for taking a few pictures for a presentation. Here are the presentation photos: front view rear view This model kit looks pretty grand and awesome just standing there without posing. The glint of the Yari and Naginata is enough to make any enemy think twice about crossing blades with him. Some shots taken from my phone thus sorry for the quality (I was testing out the new firmware of the iphone 4… Continue reading

EU Gunpla Cup – Shin Musha Gundam Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Musha Gundam WIP. In the previous post, I have painted and dried the parts and so in this installment, I am going to be building it. Looking closely at the runners, I noticed that there are 3 runners which have been reused in this model kit. RX-78-2 One Year War runner… RX-78-2 ver 1.5 runner… From the above runners, it seems like we have a free gundam hammer but we would have to source for the chains to link it up together 😉 So as usual, the build was done in the chain bases… Continue reading

EU Gunpla Cup – Shin Musha Gundam Part 1

Most members on the MAC forums (Mech Arts Community for those who are unfamiliar) would have by know heard of the Europe Gunpla Cup which is only opened to Gunpla-ers from the Europe side of the world 😛 I have not thought of joining even though I have build loads of kits. Most of my builds are OOB (out of box) builds meaning they do not have any modifications what so ever, not even decals as I like my kits to have a “clean slate” Coupled with the fact that I take my kits outdoors into harsh environments, I dont… Continue reading