Replacement Parts

Every once in a while, unfortunate accidents happen and modellers find themselves griefing over broken parts, accidental or deliberate. We at Gunpla UK understand that the replacement parts service only work in Japan.

This service is only available to Customers who have purchased Model Kits through us and is limited to Master Grade and Real Grade kits only as it is not economically viable for HG,SD and PG kits. 

How it works? Each part is priced at ¥200(approx = £1.60) so all you have to do is send me the Model's title with the part designation and the quantity you require. Your parts will be shipped via Registered SAL. Why we register it is to prevent unscrupulous people from claiming that they did not receive their goods when they have in fact received it. The fixed cost of postage and packing is ¥900(approx = £7.20) 

Replacement parts are limited to 12 parts per customer per year, this is a rule enforced by Bandai in Japan.

To Order, simply scan or photograph the page where there is a coupon type thing typically located on the parts list of thegunpla's manual and fill in the part eg A1,B2, C3 and the quantity and send it to

Once your order has been received, we will calculate the total cost and send you an invoice via paypal. Should you prefer to save on postage, I would suggest that you purchase a kit from us and the replacement parts will be shipped together with your order thus saving you on postage fees.

Thank you very much for your attention and lets get your damaged/missing parts replaced. 

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