Delivery Information

  • Model kits and accessories now come with their original boxes and packaging. They will be packed into larger brown boxes. Depending on the size limit, we may split your orders into multiple parcels to conform with the post offices' size restrictions. Due to the size and nature of Model kits and their boxes, we endeavour to repack them into stronger boxes. However, as The sizes of the boxes vary, we would have to repack them and discard the original box (only applies to Master Grade and Perfect Grade model kits) 
  • All orders will be dispatched within 1 or 2 working days, we endeavour to ship orders within the same day
  • Order(s) will be shipped from UK, China, Japan or Korea depending on availability in respective countries.
  • Tracking number will be provided 
  • Delivery time is roughly 7 to 14 working days with most arriving on the 9th day.
  • Items will be boxed and enforced to prevent damage to the items.
International Postage
  • Similar to local, we will dispatch the item with 1 or 2 working days. However it might take up to 7 working days to 14 working days to arrive.
  • International orders will be tracked and a tracking number will be provided.
Post FAQ (SAL)

Our kits come mainly from Asia (Japan, Korea or China ) due to them being made in Japan.

Q: How do MG and PG kits get delivered?

A: We ship Master grades and Perfect grades via a service known as SAL (Surface Air Lift) in Asia.

Q: Is this shipping method safe?

A: This method is very safe and we have not have any losses (touch wood) so far. The item is tracked from The country of origin and you will be required to sign for it upon receiving.

Q: How long would the shipping take?

A: The kits will arrive within 7 to 14 working days. You will be provided a tracking number which will display where the parcel is currently.

Q: Are there any customs duty to pay?

A: No there are no duties to pay.


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