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Hi there, I am Elvin and I am a Gundam model builder as well. How did I start modelling Gundams? Well to answer that, we have to take a look at where I was from. I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland but my parents are from Singapore. My parents went back to Singapore and brought me along with them and so I lived in Singapore for most of my youth.

I remember going to school and everyone at school was crazy about all things Japanese. Some of them are game consoles such as the GameBoy, Sega Genesis, and the Super Famicon. Manga such as Dragon Ball Z was very popular back then. I first got introduced to Gundams when I was in primary school by a fellow classmate who was Japanese as well. At the age of 10, he has been building gundams and displaying them at home. Of course being a small kid, I wanted to follow suit and build gundam models. However, my parents objected to it so I never had the chance to build any gunpla till I was 20 odd years old.

I studied the Japanese language during my polytechnic years and went to Japan for a cultural exchange program. For most anime  fans, Japan is a paradise as everywhere you look or go, you are surrounded by anime outlets, shops and gundam modelling shops. I must say that during my stay in Japan, it was a very enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Ever since moving to the UK (Newcastle Upon Tyne) I have been looking for the similar thing which I have had in Singapore ie manga, anime and gunpla shops. However to my surprise, there isn't many shops selling these at all. Buying them from model shops in UK is expensive not mentioning rare.

Having studied Japanese and Chinese in Singapore, I am able to source for suppliers in China as well as Japan. And so I started ordering my kits all the way from Japan and China. My experience is although the shipping times are slow (longest I had was 2 weeks) they are well packed and have never arrived damaged. As I was doing it, I was wondering if there was anyone like me who would like to get their hands on Gundam kits but have to pay loads because shops have to specially import them from Japan and also cannot find any tools to build their kits. So I decided to start a small online shop to better serve the gunpla community.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear from all of you in future : )


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